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What is Ceramic Coating? What is it? How To?


Unlike silicone and wax-containing varnishes, the ceramic coating provides higher gloss and long-lasting protection. Ceramic is obtained by combining silicon oxide, clay, glass, diamond, quartz, feldspar and silver molecules together to form a covalent bond that holds them together. Although other polish products are produced with the same technology, they contain a large amount of glass and are less durable than ceramic coating.

What is Ceramic Coating?

Paint protection and ceramic coating, which is one of the traditional methods to clean, increase and protect the surfaces of automobiles, are two different applications. However, these two processes complement each other. Paint protection prepares the surface of the vehicle for the application of ceramic coating and provides the removal of the appearance of resin, pitch, scratches. If the application of ceramics is carried out without the paint protection process which removes the rough surfaces, the desired appearance and protection may not be obtained. To do this, the car is washed before starting the coating process. Then the car is cleaned with clay for dirt such as roughness, asphalt particles, cement dust, insect residues that cannot be removed with a standard washing.

Thus, the surface of the vehicle is completely smooth before the thick paste process is started. Thick paste is a liquid sanding process and is used to remove micro-scratches on the surface and restore the matting paint to its original appearance. The surface of the vehicle is cleaned with a fine paste process made at a lower speed by polishing the bodywork paint. The car has reached its final brightness with the tare removal application and is now ready for polishing and coating. The polish, which enables the car to reach its original brightness, should be made in a closed environment under high light and the surface should be polished with microfiber cloths after approximately 40 minutes. All these processes are the preconditioning of a flawless coating that should never be skipped. Coating is carried out in a bright area where the ambient temperature is between 10-25 degrees. For vertical application, vertical movements are preferred instead of circular movements. The ceramic coating applied to the entire vehicle surface dries after 20 minutes and your car is ready for use within the first 24 hours.

If you dream of a perfect car surface and if you see scratches on your vehicle bothers you, having ceramic coating will provide the perfect look and protection you are looking for. A professional coating application protects your car from environmental factors and wear. In addition to protecting the surface of your vehicle from possible damages, you can have ceramic coating application to remove the damages, oxidation in the paint, and the color-creating harnesses. This process also prevents sludge, dust and stains from raining on the surface and provides better results for routine cleaning of your car.

Ceramic coating is a component that penetrates the pores on the vehicle surface. When applied, it now becomes a fixed layer of the car and provides long-lasting protection. Prevents discoloration of the surface and damage caused by traces of resin and insect residues during the time you drive. You do not need any further treatment or maintenance after you have applied the ceramic coating. This app provides excellent appearance, lasting brightness and ease of cleaning the vehicle.


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