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Samsung Galaxy S11 Price, Release Date, and Features-Review


Today we will review Samsung Galaxy S11 release date, price and features with leaked details. If you want to learn more about the Samsung Galaxy S11 review, our article awaits you below.

Samsung Galaxy S11 Price: 73.990 rs. = $1049
Samsung Galaxy S11 Release Date: 2020

You can see the camera features and other details below.

Rumor: Galaxy S11 in 2020 with front camera in the display

Manufacturers are currently trying hard to distribute many features of a smartphone from the front of their devices. The upcoming Xiaomi Mi Mix 3, for example, wants to hide the front camera in a sled, and Huawei places the fingerprint scanner under the display in the new Mate 20 Pro. The goal is to equip the entire front page with only one display, without further elements destroying the view or the aesthetics. Samsung seems to be planning such a thing too, but it does not take much distance from sliding mechanisms and especially from notches. Is Samsung testing the camera under the display on the Galaxy S11?

Samsung Galaxy S11 tests in prototypes a camera under the display

As Samsung Mobile. News reveals on its Twitter channel, Samsung is currently using several prototypes that hide the camera under the AMOLED display. This actually means only that the front camera can take pictures through the display, but how the whole thing should work, is still not very clear. Also, which device will be equipped with the camera under the display in the future, remains unclear. But before 2020, the information provider does not expect a deployment. If you look at the year, then it could be a Samsung Galaxy S11, which would come into contact with this technology at the earliest.

Samsun Galaxy S11 Review About Release Date, Price and Features

The usually well-informed Twitter account refers to internal sources in the company that indicate such a venture. Many devices are not yet in use. We’re talking about a handful of models that are already trying out these techniques. Whether it is ultimately really Samsung Galaxy S11 smartphones, of course, is highly questionable. Probably it’s just general test samples, which are more in the direction of “proof-of-concept”, so rather to explore the feasibility.

The Galaxy S11 is expected in 2020. But whether this model will come with a front camera directly under the display, is rather questionable. It would be possible, if Samsung continues to hold its place, also a use in the Galaxy Note 11.

Additionally, according to ETNews, the Samsung Galaxy S11 will continue on its way with the USB-C and will not have a 3.5mm headphone jack. That was another point about the Galaxy S11.

Use of technology is still in the stars -Samsung Galaxy S11 Review

But since Samsung is only in the test phase, many questions remain open at this point. So also the question of the coming mission. Because it may well be that Samsung is now testing the technology, but in the end not used in a smartphone.

Here you have to wait and see what more leaks will bring for hints. Under certain circumstances, we will learn more about the camera under the display of the supposed prototypes in the coming months. Here, too, finally, the question arises whether these test samples actually exist. This is unlikely, though.


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