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Phone won’t connect to Wi-fi – What to do connect wifi with phone?


It does not matter if it Iphone or Android, you may have problem with wi-fi. If your Phone no longer connects to the Wi-Fi network, it can have several causes. We’ll show you how to solve the problem. All you need is to follow the steps below. These are generally valid for all phones but we choose the Iphone on this sample.

First Aid: iPhone does not connect to Wi-Fi

* Turn your iPhone off and on again first. Small errors in the cache are thus deleted.

* Then open the “Settings” app and deactivate the mobile data under “Mobile network” above. This prevents the connection from being constantly changed.

iPhone: Restore Wi-Fi connection

1- In the “Settings” app, open the “Wi-Fi” category and tap the info icon next to your Wi-Fi network.

2- Select the option “Ignore this network” and confirm the process with the “Ignore” button.

3- You can then connect to the Wi-Fi network again.

Reset network settings on the iPhone

1- Open the “Settings” app and select the category “General”.

2- Scroll down to the bottom and select “Reset”.

3- Select “Network Settings” and confirm.

4- Then all connection settings are deleted. Now choose again in the WLAN network.

IPhone does not connect to the Wi-Fi

* Under certain circumstances, the problem is not on the iPhone but on your router. Disconnect the device for a few seconds and then reconnect it.

* Also check if the Wi-Fi problems are synonymous with other devices. This would be another indication of a router error.

* Also delete the connection to the smartphone in the router. In the FritzBox, for example, this works under the category “WLAN”.

Thus you can fix your wi-fi connection problem. For more articles about phone and technology, stay connected us.


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