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My smartphone is charging very slowly!


One of the biggest problems of smartphone users is the charging problem. In some smartphones, charging may run out quickly and in others it may be a slow charging problem. Particularly intensive use of the phone reduces the life of the battery, resulting in slow charging problems.

We charge our mobile phone with an operating system such as Android and iOS, usually by plugging it into a laptop or desktop computer, the car’s or tape USB port or the wall socket. You may notice that sometimes it takes a long time to charge when you connect your phone to a computer, but it charges faster when you plug it in. You may think that this is due to the fact that the computer cannot charge the phone fast, but that is not the main point. There are many different things that cause an Android phone to charge slowly. For example, one of them is a defective cable. For this reason, it is necessary to make the correct determination first to solve the problem correctly.

My smartphone is charging very slowly!

The lock screen shows you whether your smartphone is charging slowly or at normal speed. When “Charging” warning appears on the screen while it is charging normally, kilit Slow Charging ”warning is displayed on the lock screen when it is full. First, review the steps below to test whether your cable is defective.

If your phone is powered by a computer, vehicle or tape USB, you may encounter “Slow Charge Alert”. Most of the new generation phones need a higher current, so you can meet these warnings. Test whether your device is charging at normal speed by connecting your phone to a wall outlet or any other power outlet.

If the USB port to which you have connected your device is faulty, it will cause your phone to charge much slower than usual. Therefore, test the charging status via other USB ports. USB 3.0 ports offer more power than older technology USB 2.0 ports, charging devices faster. You can usually distinguish these ports with blue stripes on them. When you connect your device to these ports, the charging time will be almost twice as fast.

If, after trying the above solutions, you are charging slowly by connecting your device to a wall outlet, the problem is probably caused by the charging cable you have.

After reviewing all of the above steps, if you decide that the cable itself is causing the phone to charge slowly, you need to replace it with a new one. But there is one thing to be aware of. Since the original charging cables are not very cheap, be careful not to turn to charging cables that are manufactured with slightly weaker components, which we call third-party. These will not only provide the efficiency you get from your original cable, but they will also tend to deteriorate easily. They may not even charge as fast as your original charging cable. These cables, which are purchased cheap, cost more than their originals in the long run. Therefore, always turn to certified products. These are marked with affirmation indicating that they are approved. To trust these phrases, you can guarantee your business by shopping at known stores.

If you have purchased a equivalent charging adapter from the market, you may experience serious charging problems later. Charging cables reduce the life of your battery in addition to slow charging. For this reason, we recommend that you use the original charger adapter. Another problem that is most frequently encountered among the charging problems of smart phones is the failure of the charging socket. As we remove it all the time – the plug sockets may wear or break over time. Such invisible damage to the device may cause you to charge your device slowly. Under normal conditions, the batteries have a certain charging life and the batteries that fill this life need to be replaced at regular intervals. Batteries that are used continuously for one or two years may cause your device to charge slowly or not charge at all. In such cases, we recommend replacing your battery. In addition to incorrect cable usage, the use of a defective cable may cause the device to charge late. You may encounter this problem, especially because the cables you keep by crimping quickly break down. If your smartphone runs out of charge quickly or is charging late, it’s a good idea to close your apps running in the background. Your applications running in the background will run out of charge quickly and at the same time will cause the charge to charge slowly. It is best to turn off your background applications before connecting the device to the charger. Stop all running applications before charging your device or switch to airplane mode to charge faster.

Why Your Android Battery is Charging Slowly?

1- Cheap charging cables sold in the market lose their old performance in a short period of time and cause slow charging problems.

2- Non-original batteries may cause problems with slow charging or very fast charging of your phones, even if you have just bought your phone.

3- In time, instead of the lost and outgoing chargers are shown as non-original, original problems and problems arise as a result of the use of side industry chargers. Although these problems are unnoticed, they cause slow charging. Even if you get the charger even if the original parts do not match, or the amount of electricity that each charger receives-is not a smart phone, you may face the problem of slow charging.

4- The reason for your mobile phone’s Slow Charging is that the USB port is worn and worn. No matter how hard you try, it is hardly possible to provide an effective data stream in the case of contactlessness.

5- If you do not use a fixed power outlet to charge your phone, a different power supply may be a good solution. There are two options if you think your phone is charging slowly while using the power supply. Either the power supply is not capable of transmitting sufficient data, or a mismatch with the power supply may result.


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