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Iphone won’t charge problem and fixing


As you all know, Apple is the most famous phone on the mobile world.But you may have a charge problem on your mobile phone. This is not the end of the world. Apple is a professional company and will help you about this. So you can get help from Apple technical services.

Solution of Iphone charge problem

* If you want to fix this problem by yourself you need to know that you should use original Iphone charger. This solution may work on your phone. Fake chargers generally have problems on them so they do not work properly and can damage your Iphone. You can reach to solution with this way firsty.

* The other way, if your problem is not caused by charger device, you should reset your Iphone to fix this problem. In order to do this operation, all you need to do is press to power button and home button same time with 10 second time. After reseting process, if it did not fix, you can follow below steps.

* Your Iphone’s charge section below may be get dirty and congest with some materials. So if you try to clean that area, it may work to charge your phone. If problem still goes ahead, follow steps below.

* Despite all these steps if your Iphone does not work, follow these steps now. Go to Settings > General  > Reset steps and press the “Clear all contents and settings” button. Before doing this process, you should save your datas on the phone because your all datas will be deleted and you cannot get them back.

* However, if your problem still continue, there is only choice now that it is to go to Iphone technical service. They will definitely fix this problem you can be sure about that.

In this article we tried to fix your iPhone phone charge problem. For more article about technology, check out our web site.


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