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How to Turn on Instagram Dark Mode? iPhone and Android


The question of how to make Instagram Dark Mode has been asked frequently by users recently. In this article we will explain how to run instagram dark mode for both Android and iOS users.

Since there is no Dark / Dark Mode feature in the Instagram app, we need to use the Dark Mode features of iOS and Android operating system to use Instagram in dark mode. Now let’s explain in detail how to make dark mode on iOS and Android.

Using Instagram Dark Mode on iPhone

iPhone users got the Dark Mode feature with the iOS 13 update. Thus, iPhone users have a better eye comfort, especially in the evening and in the dark. When you activate the Dark Mode feature on the iPhone, iPhone’s own applications such as messaging, phone, safari, as well as applications that support dark mode like Instagram, Twitter, Telegram, also work in dark mode. To activate Dark mode on iPhone, go to Settings> Display and Brightness, select Dark, or turn on the Quick menu and touch the Dark Mode icon to turn dark mode on.

Using Instagram Dark Mode on Android

Android users also get the Dark Mode feature with the Android 10 update. If your phone uses the Android 10 operating system, you can activate Dark Mode from Settings> Display> Dark Theme or select Dark Theme from the quick menu.

If you are using the Android 10 version, not the Pie, Marshmallow, Nougat or an older version, here is the Dark Mode on Old Android Phones. See our article.


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