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How to Learn Wifi Password Registered in the Phone?


How to Learn Wifi Password Registered in the Phone? If you are a smartphone user and use the Internet quite often, connecting to Wifi in your environment may be a logical option. Wifi gives you the internet in a freeway. Moreover, researches have shown that smartphones work much faster than Wifi via mobile data.

Therefore, using wifi instead of mobile data may be a good option for your phone’s speed. If you want to connect a different mobile device to the network to which your phone is connected, but you have forgotten the password for the network you are connected to, you can learn this password from your phone. Smartphones store this kind of password and network information in their memory, and it is very easy for the phone user to access it. In this article, we will tell you how to access this information. If you want to know the answer to the question How to Learn Wifi Password Registered in the Phone, you can read the rest of the article.

What Is Wifi, Why People Should Use Wifi Rather Than Mobile Data?

Compared to mobile data, Wifi makes your phone work faster. So, what is the systemic difference between the two? Wifi means that you can connect to and use the server of a system that is fully installed and running on the outside. But when you use mobile data, your phone works extra to become a receiver. Wifi, which means Wireless Fidelity, is accessible in many areas today.

How To Learn The Password of Wifi?

In order to be able to learn the wifi password from a device, it must first be logged on to the network. In this way, the device stores the password and identity information of the network in its own memory. In order to gain access to the memory of the device, roof authorization must be provided first. The owner of the device must be authorized as the manager of the device in order to obtain the roof authorization. Because sensitive information such as passwords can only be viewed by the authorized user. It is not possible to provide operation without a roof order.

How This Transactions Can Be Done?

To learn the wifi password from the phone, you first need to download your ES File Explorer application to your phone. You will need this application to grant the roof authorization. You must then grant full authorization by opening this application. A file named Local or System Folder will appear in the application. You need to enter this file. You must select the section named data in the file. After selecting this section, access the Misc folder. Then you need to log in to the area called Wifi. Continue through this folder wpa_supplicant.conf. In this folder, you will see the password of the Wifi network of your choice.

In addition, you can make passwords visible by downloading different mobile applications to your phone. However, this method is one of the most reliable methods.


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