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How to do eternity-infinity sign? ( ∞ )


As you all know this sig means eternity or infinity and used in the math science often. But unfortunately this sign is not placed on our computers and cell phones. It is not possible to do this sign with only one button but there is some available button combinations to do this sign. In this article we will give you this combination tips for infinity sign. For more, you can go ahead to read from below.

How to do infinity-eternity sign on computer?

If you want to reach the eternity sign on your windows devices, all you need is click to Alt+8734 buttons on your board at the same time. Thus you can easily see the infinity sign on your computer. If this does not work on your system, you can try the Alt+236 combination. If your pc is Windows 10, you can have some problems to do this sign still. In this status, you can copy this character from internet and can use it easily on your own page.

How to do eternity-infinity sign on phone?

If you have Iphone, all you need to do is copying the sign and following the Settings > General > Keyboard > Text Replacement. And then you will use the + button on the top right corner of screen. After this adding process, you can reach the infinity sign when you want on your mobile phone.

If you have an Android phone, the only way is copying this sign from internet and can use it this way easily.

Copy the eternity sign

∞ Here the sign.We want to share the eternity sign here for our readers here. Thus you can easily copy it and use it on your document. Today we wanted to answer how to do infinity question. For more article about technology, stay connected us.


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