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How to do add a location on Instagram?


In order to give his pictures on Instagram an additional identifying feature, one can add a place for the details of the photos. For example, you can point out that you are on vacation or the photo was taken at a special location.

Instagram: Add a location – That’s how it works

We’ll show you how to add the location to Instagram and how to manually adjust the location.

So you can add a place on Instagram for photos.

The place can be added to Instagram on both Android and iPhone:

* Open the Instagram app.

* Take a picture.

* Add effects and filters if desired.

* In the new window you can now select the option “Add location”. Here are you already made a few suggestions based on the device location.

* If you can not find a suitable location here, press the option. Now you can search for other places nearby. Alternatively, enter a location via the search field. Matching results will appear for your search. Select one of the places to have this entry added to the picture on Instagram.

If your special location is not in the list, you can create it manually. Instagram accesses the maps of Facebook, steers for this the corresponding offer on Facebook. Note that this feature is only available in the Facebook app for Android, iPhone and iPad. To create a new location for Instagram, follow this link to the overview page on Facebook:

Insert location on Instagram

The place can only be inserted during the upload and not later. However, you can also select a location that you no longer have at the time of the post when uploading later.

In the feed of your friends is the location between your username and the actual picture. Once pressed, the location in a map will be displayed more accurately.

It may happen that the message “Location could not be found” is displayed. Make sure the location detection on your smartphone is turned on and you are not in any radio hole. Read also: GPS does not work anymore? You will find the appropriate option in the “Settings” app in the “Location Services” section. For the most accurate result, make sure that GPS tracking is active. Also, restarting the smartphone can help if the location can not be added.


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