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How to do a degree sign? ( ° )


Today’s subject is writing degree sign on the computer devices. If you want to do degree symbol on your computer this article will definitely help you to do it. For more, you can take a look at below.

Enter the degree sign (°) with the keyboard

The degree sign (°), indicated by a superscript small circle, is used for certain measurements, such as angles or temperature. This character is not available on all keyboards, but you can create it with a keyboard shortcut. For Word and other Microsoft Office applications, you can also paste it from the Symbols dialog box.

Write degree character (°) with key combination

Move the cursor to where you want to insert the degree sign. Hold down the Alt key and type the number 0176. Now said sign should appear. This method also works to insert the character in an e-mail message or in other office applications. Also ALT+248 buttons may work on you.

Note: This method works only if you have a number pad on the right side of the keyboard.

Insert degree character (°) in Microsoft Word

Move the cursor in your Word document to the location where you want to insert the degree sign. Go to the Insert field and in the Symbols group, click Symbols> More Symbols.

For Fonts, open the drop-down menu and select Times New Roman. Now go to the symbol field and look for the degree sign. When you find it, highlight it and then click Paste.

The symbol now appears at the desired position in your document. The next time you want to insert it, you only need to select it from the Recent Symbols section.

Set the degree sign (°) on Mac

Press the option + 0 (zero) keys and the degree sign will appear in your text.

Copy the degree sign °

You can copy the degree sign from here °. Fore more technology article stay connected us.


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