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How To Change Airpod Name?


How to change airpod name? The Airpod is a highly advanced headset that can be used in devices with Ios operating systems. People who like to listen to music, people who often need to make long calls with their cell phones during the day, and others often prefer to own an Airpod. Airpods allow you to be less exposed to the phone during the day, while the ergonomic and comfortable structure makes you feel comfortable while listening to music.

What’s more, airpods operate completely wirelessly, giving you maximum comfort during the day. You don’t have to untie the cables and move around cables that don’t reach your ears. You only need to wear two small devices to your ears and connect them wirelessly to your Apple device. When using Airpod, you connect your device to your mobile device via bluetooth. The name of your Airpod is displayed. If you want to change this name and personalize your Airpod, you can do so easily. So, How to change airpod name? To learn more about Airpod name change, read the rest of our article.

What To Do Before Change The Airpod Name?

You can change the name of any Bluetooth accessory using the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Especially Airpod offers you a very practical chain of operations. If you want to change the Airpod name through your phone or other devices, the Airpod must first be connected to the device. To connect an Airpod to your device, all you need to do is interact between the two devices via Bluetooth. Once the interaction is complete, you can change the Airpod name in just a few operations.

What To Do For Changing Airpod Name?

To change the Airpod name, you must first open the Settings section on your device. In Settings, enter Bluetooth. This section will show the device you are connected to and other devices that are ready to connect. Among these devices, you must select the Bluetooth accessory you are connected to and want to rename. Apple-branded devices have three consecutive dots next to the name of the Bluetooth device. These points mean options. Click here. Then you will see the name of this connected device. You can change the name as you like by clicking here. After entering a new name, be sure to complete the operation on the keyboard. Otherwise, your transaction will not be saved.

How To Change My Airpod’s Name From Mac?

If you are asking the question How To Change My Airpod’s Name From Mac, this part of the article is important to you. Connect the Airpod to Macbook. Then right-click on the device you’re connecting to and click ‘Rename’. Then you can complete the process by entering the name you want on the page.

When you are finished, remember to save by pressing the required keys on the keyboard. Otherwise, your transaction will not be saved. Airdpod name change is so simple!


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