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Changing user name on Instagram


Welcome back dear followers. Today we wanted to give you some tips about to change your user name on Instagram. If you want to change your name this is very easy. You do not have to keep your username on Instagram, you can change it forever. How this works, we explain in this practical tip.

Change Instagram user name

Before giving the steps, we want to give you some important informations about instagram user names. If you want to change your user name you can change it easily. It is not important your phone is Iphone or Android. System works same on the Instagram. Now we will share with you the changing username steps. Details below.

How to change Instagram user name?

*Start Instagram on your smartphone

*At the bottom right, tap on the profile button and then select the “Edit your profile” button.

*The first field shows your Instagram name. If you touch the field, you can edit your name.

*The second field shows the username that others can find on Instagram. You can also change this by tapping the field and entering a new name.

*Finally, confirm the changes via the hook on the top right.

That’s all. So you can easily change your user name with the steps above. We everyday share amazing articles about social media, instagram and facebook. If you want to learn how to subjects, you can check out our technology web site for more.

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