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Android Device Manager Location Unavailable


Recently, the smartphones which have Android operating system become popular quickly, which has led to an increase in research on these phones. It is possible to perform all complex technological operations from many smartphones, tablets or laptops with the Android operating system. Android device manager is a platform that helps you maintain overall control of your device and provides the basis for setting up your device.

Each device with the Android operating system has an Android device manager to make these settings. In this section, you can make settings about both location, language, memory; as well as the privacy and security of your Android device. Therefore, you need to know how to use Android device manager. If you have a location unavailable error, this article may be useful to you. In this article, we will review what you need to do to resolve the Android Device Manager Location Unavailable error.

What Does Android Manager Location Unavailable Mean?

The Android Manager Location Unavailable error is an error issued by many Android devices worldwide. This means that such a problem may arise regardless of the model and brand of the device. If you see an error like this on your device, you will be able to fix it in a few minutes by connecting your device to the internet. Once you have solved the location confusion problem, your phone will handle the entire navigation process without any problems.

What To Do To Fix Android Manager Location Unavailable Problem?

In order to solve the Android Manager Location Unavailable problem, your phone must be connected to the Internet. By connecting with it to the Internet and updating the Android system, the phone will repair itself. To use the Internet, you can select either Wifi or Mobile Data. Usually, the Wifi option is recommended for such operations. This is because when using wifi, your phone works faster than usual and it is possible to complete your transactions faster in that way.

1. You need to select High Accuracy Mode from the settings section of your phone. To do this, the steps you need to follow on your device with the Android operating system are as follows: Settings > Locations > Mode > High Accuracy. When you see each one, you must select the option given.

2. Then you need to take a series of actions to access Google Play Services. To do so, follow the steps below: Settings > Applications > All Apps. When you check these options, your device with the Android operating system becomes updatable. If the version update of your device occurs, your problem will be solved.

3. After your phone’s version is updated, you can restart your phone. Then go to Google Settings > Apps. This will help you find Google Play Services again. You need to click here. After clicking here, you need to click on Clear Data and Cache. When you do this, you will reach the desired result.


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